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What is Gazelle Accelerator?

Gazelle Accelerator is an European Project which aims to develop Start-ups and SMEs working in the industry 4.0. We support them to accelerate their growth through dedicated training and coaching sessions but also connections with end-users and investors.

Gazelle Accelerator is about matching manufacturing challenges with innovative solutions. How do we do this? We start by identifying with industrial corporates in Europe what are their manufacturing needs and challenges. After collecting all the challenges, we launch the open call for Start-ups and SME’s. We select the 25 most innovative companies to participate to the Gazelle Accelerator event, it will be the opportunity for them to pitch their solutions and get meetings with end-users and/or investors.

For who?

In the Stylish Modern Office Meeting Room: Diverse Group of Busi

Start-ups & SME's

Your HQ is based in Europe, you have a product or service in the industry 4.0 and your TRL level is higher than 6? You want to accelerate your business?

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You are an industrial company  and you have a specific need or challenge that you want to solve? You want to be informed about the most innovative solutions in Europe?

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You are an investor based in Europe? You want to invest in the Industry 4.0? You want to meet the most promising Start-Ups and SME’s? You invest from pre-seed to Serie B? 



SME’s and startups supported since the beginning of Gazelle in 2020



Countries covered
in Europe by the participants



Qualified business or finance analysis delivered



Uses cases & challenges identified with industrial corporates



Connections made between SME’s and corporates and/or investors

6th Gazelle Accelerator Project timeline

COMMUNITY BOOSTER CAMP DAYS (10/10/22 to 11/11/22)

Gazelle Accelerator Mentorship

1st Part : Self-Assessment Interview (from 11/10 to 14/10)
2nd Part : Action Plan Interview (from 17/10 to 21/10) 

Coaching Sessions:
- Access to Market (A2M)
- Access to Finance (A2F) Coaching

(from 26/10 to 04/11)

Innovation Strategy - 2hours
Investment Strategy - 2hours

(24/10 & 25/10)

A2M & A2F Pitch Recordings

Sent before the 11/11


Market & Industrial Days
Meetings with corporates

(12/11/2022 to 02/12/2022)

Investors & Finance Days
Meetings with investors

(12/11/2022 to 02/12/2022)

Value Chain Development Days
Meeting between Start-ups&SME's

(12/11/2022 to 02/12/2022)


Follow-Up Meeting
With the Gazelle team

(05/12/2022 to 03/03/2023)

News of the project

Discover the last news of the Gazelle Accelerator project!

5th Gazelle Accelerator | Open Call for Start-ups & SME’s

Proud to say that we have identified 9 industrial challenges from different European corporates. If you are an SME, a Start-up, or a Scale-up and you have a solution, a product or a service within the field of Industry 4.0, this open call is for you! To participate, you have to fill in the 5th…

5th Gazelle Accelerator | Open Call for Manufacturing Needs & Challenges

We are inviting industrial companies to participate to the 5th edition of the Gazelle Accelerator Programme (business creation activity from the EIT Manufacturing). Gazelle Accelerator Team is launching an open call to identify industrial needs and challenges in order to allow European companies to meet qualified solution providers to answer it. This open call is…

4th Gazelle Accelerator | Final stretch to apply!

There is still few days to apply to participate to the open call for our 4th Programme. More than 20 needs/challenges were identified from industrials corporates in Europe. ⚙️ If you have a product/service in industry 4.0 with a TRL level higher than 6, joining Gazelle Accelerator could be the opportunity to meet your next…


etseme-logo copie

« Gazelle Accelerator program helped us gain visibility across Europe and led to successful investors and clients meetings. Great initiative and program to support European scale-ups with a great team to execute it. Very Grateful 🙏. »

CEO Uwinloc


uwinloc-logo copie

« Gazelle Accelerator Program was a challenging opportunity for ETSEME to gain in maturity and strengthen our access to market and finance.  In addition, we were able to network thanks to a great team that continues to support us within the vivifying EIT Manufacturing ecosystem. »

CEO Etseme

Anka Seyrac


« Gazelle Accelerator Program, as the name says, has helped us to accelerate the achievement of all the tasks that a startup has to do: pitch, business plan, deck and adapt them to the public: investor or prospect client. It was a month of sustained effort on our part led and accompanied with surgical precision by AerospaceValley and their experts. An approach that has been perfectly suited to the needs of StatInf.. »

CEO and Co-founder StatInf

Adriana Gogonel

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